Frequently Asked Questions

When can I visit?

Our season runs from April through October. You are welcome to stop in any time the gate is open, and we also maintain regular weekly hours

How can I volunteer?

Whether or not you want to join Project Eden, we are always happy to have volunteers help out during times when our garden is open and staffed by members. We onboard our volunteers in two groups per year to ensure that we are providing adequate training and support to both volunteers and prospective members. Applications are due on April 15 and July 31 of each year. Any applications received after those dates will be held until the next application cycle. After the application date, we reach out to applicants to schedule an initial interview. Volunteers are considered based on their willingness and ability to contribute to Project Eden as a community-based organization (including governance, fundraising, and community outreach) as well as their participation in overall garden maintenance.

How do I become a member?

Anyone 18 years old and over can be eligible for membership after completing 30 hours of volunteer service over a course of 3 months or more. After you are approved for membership, you are eligible to have a key to the garden, and can get on the waiting list for a plot. Members must give a minimum of 8 hours of service per month, and share in other responsibilities like fundraising, community outreach, and event planning. 

Do I have to be an expert gardener to join?

No! While we are always happy to learn from people with experience and expertise, all of our members receive training and mentorship.  

Does it cost money to join?

While we do not charge money to join, we do ask that members contribute to the financial wellbeing of the garden by either making a personal donation, raising funds from their networks and connections, or helping obtain grants. We welcome creative fundraising ideas!

How can I get a plot?

In order to get a plot at Project Eden, you must first become a member. Then, like all the best things in New York City, there is a waiting list. The waiting list fluctuates from year to year, but it’s common for people to wait about two seasons for a plot. But don’t worry, there will be lots of opportunities for you to get your hands dirty at Project Eden! 

Do you accept monetary donations?

We gratefully accept monetary donations of any size! You can donate by check made out to Project Eden, cash given to our Treasurer, or Venmo @Project-Eden. Please note that we are not a 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are not presently tax-deductible.

Do you accept compost?

Project Eden does not accept compost, but please reach out to the Compost Collective just across the road. 

Do you accept in-kind donations of plants, furniture, or other items?

We appreciate donations, but out of consideration for the living ecosystem and aesthetic plan developed by our members, donations have to be approved before we can accept them. Please do not leave donations outside our garden gate. Instead, reach out to our Steering Committee if you have items to donate, so that the appropriate parties can make a determination of whether they can find a home in our garden.